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CA-720320-A: Surface cleaning method and composition patent, CA-720763-A: Photographic silver halide emulsions sensitized with thioether and developer combinations patent, CA-722151-A: Catalyst for the production of olefinic oxides patent, CA-72295-A: Train pour automobiles patent, CA-723817-A: Automatic control system patent, CA-724178-A: Organic dithiol derivatives of antimony patent, CA-724769-A: Actuating means for fusible electric switch patent, CA-724876-A: Universal joint bearing seal patent, CA-724998-A: Floatable hose patent, CA-725029-A: Luminaire patent, CA-725102-A: Herbicidal compositions and method patent, CA-725435-A: Multi-headed waferizer patent, CA-725611-A: Lubricating oil compositions patent, CA-725666-A: Organometallic isocyanates patent, CA-725774-A: Production of lead shielding bricks patent, CA-725925-A: Window units patent, CA-727016-A: Hydraulic quenching and granulation of molten materials patent, CA-727021-A: Process for forming fibers of mineral material by centrifugal forces and attenuating blast patent, CA-728002-A: Trouser leg pressing machine patent, CA-728013-A: Refractor for luminaire patent, CA-728164-A: Anthraquinone dyes patent, CA-728191-A: .beta.-SUBSTITUTED AND UNSATURATED ORGANIC SULFO ACIDS AND/OR THE SALTS THEREOF, AND A PROCESS FOR THEIR MANUFACTURE patent, CA-728454-A: Feeder patent, CA-728746-A: Mobile communication system in which the base station receiver, which receives the strongest signal, is automatically selected patent, CA-728749-A: Apparatus for projecting an electron beam along a curved path having variable impedance patent, CA-72956-A: Registre horaire patent, CA-730162-A: Preparation of organic sulfonic compounds patent, CA-730291-A: Analog digital tool positioning system patent, CA-73033-A: Crib attachment for beds patent, CA-730773-A: Triggering circuit patent, CA-730856-A: Method of making articles from foamed elastomeric material patent, CA-731789-A: Suppressed-carrier amplitude-modulation detector patent, CA-732139-A: Products in sheet form based on regenerated cellulose and a process for their manufacture patent, CA-732330-A: Recording and/or reproducing device for magnetically recording and scanning video-signals patent, CA-733227-A: Photographic type composition patent, CA-733261-A: Method of surveying an inclined wellbore patent, CA-733420-A: Manufacture of artificial filaments having spaced channels patent, CA-734311-A: Drip watering plant patent, CA-734319-A: Locking collar for bearings patent, CA-73509-A: Metal extraction patent, CA-735430-A: 1,11.alpha.-OXIDO-STEROIDS patent, CA-735440-A: Dyes containing dihalopyrimidino groups patent, CA-735466-A: INTERMEDIAIRES DANS LA PREPARATION DES DERIVES 3 ET 17-OXYGENES DE 10.beta.-METHYL-13.beta.-N-PROPYL-.DELTA.4,9(11)-GONADIENES patent, CA-735640-A: Building panels patent, CA-735779-A: Extruder die patent, CA-735946-A: Halogenated ester isocyanates and process for preparation patent, CA-736079-A: Mounting arrangements for electric relays and like devices patent, CA-736128-A: Light amplifying cell patent, CA-736266-A: Power devices patent, CA-736703-A: Method and apparatus for performing prehydrolysis in a continuous counter-flow digester patent, CA-73812-A: Canfilling machine patent, CA-738693-A: Hydrostatic transmission systems patent, CA-73937-A: Envelope patent, CA-739615-A: Method of discrimination and receiving echo and pulses patent, CA-739926-A: Products for treatment of skin and method of preparation patent, CA-740137-A: Foundation garment patent, CA-7408-A: Improvements on educational toys patent, CA-741540-A: Brake pedal and linkage system patent, CA-741984-A: Cow bell instrument patent, CA-742776-A: Phosphorus compounds patent, CA-74370-A: Lawn mower patent, CA-743772-A: Mechanical feedback flow control servo valve patent, CA-744341-A: Process for extrusion coating of plastic film on a running carrier web patent, CA-744784-A: Process for preparing high-polymeric, pigmented polymethylene terephthalate patent, CA-745202-A: Process for the production of methyl butene and methyl pentene patent, CA-74537-A: Furniture caster patent, CA-74632-A: Production of vapour from hydrocarbon oil patent, CA-746389-A: Vacuum cleaner connection patent, CA-746532-A: Naphthoic acid esters patent, CA-747240-A: Bag closing and tying machine and method patent, CA-747353-A: Grinding mill lining and control of the wear thereof patent, CA-74757-A: Appareil pour la production d'ozone patent, CA-747701-A: Fluid flow regulating devices patent, CA-748664-A: Rail renewal process patent, CA-748709-A: Caliper-type disk brake patent, CA-748889-A: Oxazolidinone derivatives and process for their preparation patent, CA-74900-A: Appareil de surete pour elevateurs patent, CA-749163-A: Method and system for marking and indicating the presence of an interface in a pipeline patent, CA-749482-A: Self-luminous light sources patent, CA-752166-A: Project-retract mechanism for a ball point writing instrument patent, CA-752365-A: Apparatus for the production of electrolytic copper in the form of continuous plates patent, CA-752949-A: High pressure discharge lamps seal and base patent, CA-753542-A: Card stacker patent, CA-753695-A: Preparation of low density polyethylene patent, CA-754073-A: Magnetic coating compositions patent, CA-754606-A: Herbicidal n-substituted arylimides patent, CA-754739-A: Voice recognition systems patent, CA-754828-A: Slugging attachment for a carding head for a pile fabric knitting machine patent, CA-754923-A: Charging valve construction patent, CA-755068-A: 7.alpha.-METHYL-ANDROSTENES AND PROCESS FOR THEIR MANUFACTURE patent, CA-755769-A: Radio range finders patent, CA-756140-A: Therapeutic compounds patent, CA-75710-A: Methode d'obtenir de la gelatine congelee patent, CA-757687-A: Synthetic linear high polymer products patent, CA-75812-A: Boite a chapeaux patent, CA-758477-A: Hand spray gun patent, CA-758794-A: Continuous folding of paper or the like patent, CA-758937-A: Fluidized bed method and apparatus patent, CA-760360-A: Geochemical method of prospecting for petroleum patent, CA-760479-A: Highly fluorinated alkyladamantanes patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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